Gigapixel Sky Camera

nullToday, the world is changing at a fast pace and this rate of change is also reflected in the lifestyle of human beings. You can experience these changes all around yourself. In this change, one cannot forget or ignore the contribution of science and technology. The introduction of Gigapixel Sky camera is yet another addition to the achievements of humans on this earth.

This latest sky camera is extraordinarily powerful as it can capture 1.4 billion pixels at one go. Isn’t it unbelievable? Due to high power efficiency, it is generally used to scan the sky for an early notice of approaching comets and asteroids. It is all set to begin its adventurous life within this month and its success is almost guaranteed even before it starts its life.

The Pan-Starrs-1 telescope, with which the Gigapixel sky camera would work, will scan the sky round the clock. It is expected that this unique sky camera will reveal many secrets of the universe in the time to come and quite expectedly, these secrets may help the scientists to do something good for our planet.