Top 10 Christmas gadgets for men

nullMen love gadgets. Christmas is the time when you can gift your man a cool gadget from the top 10-gadget list below:

Video game console: The gaming console is equipped with the latest technology to enthrall him.

E-book reader: E-book sounds interesting with the new Amazon Kindle that is sleek and very convenient for book lovers who can go hi-tech with this latest gadget.

Flip Video Camcorder: This gadget is sleek and cool in every sense.

Mp3 player: The new iPod Touch is a cool gadget for music lovers.

Photographic gadgets: It takes great pictures from long distances.

USB device: These gadgets are in heavy demand for varied uses.

GPS navigators: It is a very useful gadget for your man.

Netbook: This compact computer is handy and useful gift or men.

Blue Ray disc Player: This is the coolest device for viewing movies these days.

Fun gadgets/puzzles: Touch screen Rubik puzzles are great gadgets for men who love puzzle games.

These 10 gadgets can be ideal gifts for men who love to be cool.