Motion-Activated Digital Drumsticks

Many of us are often found tapping a table or anything else with the rhythm of music instinctively. If anybody is willing to perform the same action with the help of a gadget then one should opt for the Motion-Activated Digital Drumsticks, which will satisfy his or her needs.

With the support of iPod Digital Drumsticks, one may continue the tapping action along with one’s favorite tune and it will be felt that some professional player is engaged in his solo performance. For getting the experience, one has to attach the control model with one’s belt and link one’s iPod and may able to drum with any sort of music one has downloaded. The drumsticks are activated by motion and the buttons which are there give power to rhythm various combination of effects of the drum like bass drum, snare drum, cymbals and many others. Thus, the iPod digital drumsticks are found to be a fun gadget in respect of anybody who has rhythm sense.

iSharpener USB Powered Pencil Sharpener

ISharpener USB Powered Pencil Sharpener will be useful for the users who are engaged mainly in official type of works in an Office or any other establishment where official natures of jobs are mainly undertaken. Sometimes it is found that in an Office although uses of pencils are required but no sharpener is found at the time of requirement. In order to avoid such type of situation being created, one should go for iSharpener USB Power Pencil Sharpener that may be very useful.

Main features of iSharpener USB Powered Pencil Sharpener are that it may be powered applying 4AA batteries or through USB, which includes USB, cables measuring 3 foot long. Another important feature is that for installation no drive or software is required. Dimensions of the set are 80x70x76 mm. The tray, in which the pencil is finally kept, is removable and easy to clean. While the sharpening of the pencil continues, three flashes are being visible.

Headphone Beanie

If anyone is interested to protect one’s head from cold, remain warm, and simultaneously enjoy the tune of music, then one should ask for the item Headphone Beanie. The Headphone Beanie is made of 100 percent pure heat insulated cotton, which provides warmth and two earphones with quality stereo system, which are fitted inside it.

Anybody who is fan of music will appreciate the using of Headphone Beanie that gives full comfort while at the same time one can listen to the music of his or her choices at the time of remaining engaged in sports activities or on the way to one’s workplace. Being comfortable to wear, Headphone Beanie is also well prepared to keep one’s ears and head warm. The earphones remain hidden inside the Beanie and it may be adjusted according to the need of the user. Therefore, one may discard his old type of earphones and collect the Headphone Beanie as a new choice.