Green tech investing: Solar power

Humans have been using renewable and non-renewable sources of resources for a long time. While renewable sources of energy are not a matter of concern, the crisis that we are going to  face very soon is the dwindling amount of non-renewable sources of energy. Sources of fuel like coal, petroleum, natural oil etc are going to take several centuries to form again.

To reserve these non-renewable sources of energy, different companies have taken up green tech investing projects that use the power of the sun to substitute the use of fuels that are soon running out. Because the energy of the sun will never run out, its energy can be effectively used to cook food at home, provide electricity, power batteries and even to drive cars in the future. These kinds of solar power projects will make sure that we save some of the non-renewable sources of energy for our future generations.

Users Guideline To Wi-Fi Security Cameras

With increasing cases of theft and fleecing around us, a lot of improvements in technology are being done to avoid such incidents. One of these is in the introduction of Wi-Fi technology in security cameras. It allows security cameras to be located in remote areas. An audio and video signal is generated by the camera which is transmitted through radio frequencies. The cameras use wind or solar power, or traditional batteries to power them.

Wi-Fi cameras come in many varieties and should be chosen according to one’s needs and requirements. One of the varieties is the analogue type which is comparatively less costly and uses lower frequencies to transmit signals. The other type are more costly but highly effective. These use digital signals and operate over higher frequencies. The signals received are high in quality and the signals are also not easily degraded. They allow the operator to maintain a two way communication with them.