Gadget insurance cover

Gadget insurance, Gadget insurance coverAre you a gadget freak who impulsively purchases the latest gadgets in the market? Well, if you are then it is time that you start considering gadget insurance cover. There are a host of insurance plans that covers the thousand gadgets that are available in the market. You have to understand that the plans, though apparently similar, are actually different in terms of the degree of protection that it offers. And therefore it is important that you go through the different insurance plans thoroughly before signing on the dotted lines.

When you are comparing the gadget insurance covers you should not compare the package but the features that the different plans have. And even if the features of two gadget insurance covers are same, they differ in cost. The cost differs with the extent of protection that is offered. The differences in the features might look minimal but they do have long term effects. Therefore, you should choose your gadget insurance cover carefully.

Top 5 Devices that You can pair with your Bluetooth Ear Bud

Bluetooth Ear Bud, Bluetooth Ear Bud devicesBluetooth earphones have become a must have for gadget lovers. This is because with them, you get to enjoy hassle free (read wireless) music anywhere. Bluetooth ear buds bring the quality factor into your song play.

Bluetooth ear buds can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device by following a simple pairing procedure which is elementary enough for the layman. Top 5 devices that are in vogue for Bluetooth pairing these days can be named as:

•           iPhones or  smartphones those come with various operating systems as windows, android or standard iPhone software.

•           Video gaming consoles work extremely well with these earphones as it gives you the feel enhanced to a greater quality.

•           Laptops, netbooks or notebooks.

•           You can pair your iPad or tablet now and enjoy music anytime anywhere.

•           Home stereo systems also provide Bluetooth connectivity but it won’t serve your purpose much when you already have the speakers working.

Parrot Bluetooth car kit

With innovations in technology today the world has become a simpler place to live in. needless to thank the invention of Bluetooth technology that has made life wireless. The parrot Bluetooth car kit is such equipment that has everything that one needs in their car to be. It has a web service application with voice recognition and hands free telephonic connection. What more do you need to keep in touch with the world while driving?

It has an android application embedded in the kit that enables you to even connect the GPS system, thanks to 3G technology; besides, you can surf the internet, internet radios, stream music, check out routes, navigate etc. The entire kit is hands free one which means you do not have to put your hands off your steering wheels while using the kit. There are a lot of accessories given out with the kit that has multiple other uses as well.