Top 5 free android applications

These days almost everyone owns an android. The younger generation especially are highly satisfied with an android phones due to its hi-tech features and interesting apps. The phone Halo Protect is a good application, which protects the phone, helps recover lost data and keeps a track on its whereabouts. So f the phone is stolen, this application can help you locate it. The Titanium Backup is an app, which cans tore large amounts of data in forms of images, songs, folders and files as a backup system.


Download Nimbuzz in your phone to chat with friends, send pictures and files all day. This is a free app and can be downloaded into your phone easily. Edit, use, send and write whatever you wish with the help of WordPress. Stay corrected and informed at all times with the use of this cool application. Graphically organize your files and images and work with the help of Ultimate FavsPro Application.

Top 5 must have kitchen gadgets

kitchen gadgets,kitchenIn this fast moving world where everybody has to rush to make things on time, saving sometime in the kitchen is a must. Kitchen gadgets, both electric and non-electric are labor saving measures adopted by almost every individual as well as families.

  1. Automatic coffee maker: Just put in coffee grounds and water. Set the clock and read the newspaper and your coffee will be ready in minutes!
  2. Bread maker: Put the contents into the bread maker the night before and you get bread for breakfast or lunch sandwiches at hand in the morning.
  3. Compact knife set: The knife used for cutting vegetables won’t be efficient to slice meat. Get a whole set of knives to save you from fighting with different raw materials.
  4. Sandwich grills: Get one to have delicious grilled sandwiches in minutes.
  5. Food containers: Storage is important for extra food. Get a set of plastic microwave safe food containers to store each item separately without damage.

Latest gadgets from Google

Google gadget, Google applicationOne of the newest gadgets of Google is the one and only One X. It is highly advanced and is packed with a number of features. It is a very sophisticated smartpohine in the new handset series of One in HTC. The launch was announced in February at the Mobile World Congress. The new One X is also available at wired office now. It has been considered as a leader among the other smart phones that are android. It has an android that is called Ice Cream Sandwich.


It also has a processor, which is as speedy as 1.5GHz. The high definition is remarkable and is one of the very best that is available in the market in the present time. It is believed that this smart phone has the potential to outshine the Nexus Samsung Galaxy. One more remarkable quality of this product is that is amazingly sleek. It is only 9.27mm in thickness.