Things to look for in your wireless router

Wireless routers, RoutersOne of the most important things that you should look for in a wireless router is the speed rating. The performance of the network depends a lot on the speed rating of the wireless router. The units of the speed ratings are generally in megabits. The earlier versions of the wireless routers had a speed rating of 11 Mbps but now, the speed is about 300 Mbps.

However, the speed of the router is not the only thing that you should look for. The speed that you are going to get will be much less than the speed shown in the device at the time of the sale. Make sure the wireless router comes with a warrantee card. If the warrantee period is long, it is only logical to assume that the quality of the wireless router is good. There are a lot of varieties and so, it is important that you compare the routers so that you get the best deal.

How do laser projection keyboards work?

Laser projection keyboards, wireless technologyThe latest wireless technologies in terms of keyboards are the laser projection keyboards. On a flat surface it has a virtual keyboard outline. It allows one to type almost anywhere with no cords or bulky equipments. The projection is of the size of a small phone. However the surface on which it is projected has to be non-reflective. The laser keyboard use infrared technology. It has a small red diode which projects a full QWERTY keyboard on a flat surface.

Interestingly the keyboards are also known as QWERTY keyboard as the first letters on the keyboard are Q, W, E, T, and Y. The laser projection keyboards remove the hassle of keyboard maintenance as they are not prone to problems easily. These are a fantastic way to type and take less time. It is a perfect blend of style and sensation. It is definitely going to prelude a revolutionary movement in the field of technology.

Function of an USB extender

Buy USB extension cords, USB extensionAre you planning to buy USB extension cords? Well then read this article to know the advantages of an USB cord before purchasing it. if you want to connect your computer with a number of peripheral items then using universal serial bus or USB proves really beneficial as they are really compatible with any computer and they use standardized protocols.
Increased availability, compatibility are the key reasons for which the USB are getting sold in huge numbers these days. You can transfer any data from any external device to your computer or laptop if you have an USB cord connection with your PC system. Mainly two kinds of USB cords are available in the market and among them USB 1.0 is the earlier one that came in 1996.

Due to less compatibility the recent USB 2.0 that came in 2000 became more popular with the users. It has a number of different connectivity types in which micro, mini USB connectors are included.