BitFenix Prodigy: bring mini technology home today

BitFenix Prodigy, technologyThe all new BitFenix Prodigy is a mini-ITX case with unparalleled design. It will be released soon in the market. Don’t have any proper place in your house for storing a mid tower case? Well, now you need not worry much since you can get this case for an affordable budget. BitFenix prodigy is a relatively cheap and mini ITX case containing a number of amazing features which supports plethora of builds ranging from cheap low cost builds to expensive elite gaming builds.

In comparison to the price, the design of the case is really attractive and well thought. Its design has an aesthetic sense in spite of the absence of any type of flash and LEDs like all other gaming case. On one side of the gaming case there are the USB ports, reset switch, power switch and a jack of audio. It can be disadvantageous to use the side USB ports if you kept the case pressing against the wall. In spite of that it is the best mini ITX case in a much affordable budget.

Eco-friendly gadgets of today’s generation

eco-friendly gadgets, gadgetsToday we are all gadget freaks. No matter who we are and what our age is, we all love those quirky and latest technology gadgets and show them off as if they are our most priced possession. Due to the popularity of electronic gadgets these days, a lot of harmful by-products were being formed and disposed off carelessly by manufacturers and users of these gadgets.

Most eco-friendly gadgets these days come with decomposable parts that decompose into the soil once they are discarded. Most batteries and cell-phone covers these days are made decomposable in order to stop the environmental pollution they cause when they are discarded. The best way to get rid of batteries is my making gadgets that are solar powered. This makes sure that harmful chemical batteries will become less popular in the coming times and all you will need to do to charge your gadget will leave it near a source a light.

Cool computer accessories of 2012

computer accessories, computersIf you own a computer, you should know that they have become far more advanced than they were about 10 years ago. More and more people tend to use computers these days and thus this has opened up more opportunity for developmental accessories for the computer too. In the year 2012, people have opened up to more number of computer accessories have been presented and gadget geeks couldn’t have been happier.

You can upgrade the look of your computer by using a fun styled better designed mouse. Kids too can opt for a computer mouse in the shape of a car which is very much in fashion these days. A good pair of headsets bought from a good company should also e a good buy. Computer accessories like mouse pads and screen guards also are important as they provide maximum protection to your computer. Other items like laptop covers and bags are in vogue too.

Advantages of dual SIM phones

Dual sim phones, mobile phonesMobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. We have to handle our work, business, commute with friends, families and associates through mobile phones. It is a very useful gadget which has helped the world come closer. These days, the use of mobiles has become so essential, that one just cannot do with a single SIM card. That’s why, after the introduction of dual SIM phones, lives have become easier to handle.

There are many advantages of dual SIM phones. We can easily separate out, organize and categorize work and social life. Friends and family can be handled via one SIM while the other one is strictly for work. Earlier, dual SIM phones only allowed one SIM to be active at times. But now both the SIMs can be activated simultaneously so that no line remains unavailable at any time. Texts and contacts can be saved separately and that makes our lives easier.

Top 4 tablets of 2012

Latest tablets, gadgetsWith advancement in technology, people have moved on from telephones and personal computers to mobiles and tablets. These days, having a tablet can help you a lot in making your life easier helping you with your work. Students, businessmen, teachers-everyone can be benefitted with the help of tablet. The year 2012 saw a rise in the number of tablets in the market. Here are the top four picks of the year 2012.

The Apple iPad created a lot of ripple when it was launched. It has multiple apps and features along with sleek good looks and 4G wireless connection. The Google Nexus 7 is another tablet to look out for. It used android 4.1 OS and its very user friendly as well. The Amazon Kindle Fire is a tablet which comes cheap but has excellent features too. It looks elegant and is durable as well. You can also go for the Asus Transformer which has advanced features and enhanced power life.