Detailed review of the Xperia Arc s

Xperia Arc s, mobile reviewsThe market of mobile handsets is booming all over the world and the market is flooded with various types of handsets which are full of high-tech features. Xperia Arc is a pioneering product from Sony Ericson. The handset is loaded with great features that make it a popular brand all over the world. However, the set has undergone many upgradations over the time. It has sparkling features too which make it one of the most attractive handsets available in the market at the moment.

It has a powerful 8.0 MP camera which is capable of taking quality still and videos. The wide TFT screen is fully powered with high resolution capabilities. It is powered with 2GB RAM with adaptability make use of 32 GB micro SD card. It has a faster Internet browsing capability which can be a pleasure for the users to browse through the Internet. This is the thinnest Smartphone available in the market at the present moment.

Printer has stopped working: What to do?

Printer maintenance, printersThere are a few things that you will have to do when it comes to fixing your printer. First of all, the power of the printer has to be turned off and the compute r has to be shut down. If your printer has stopped functioning suddenly, you may be able to solve the problem with just a reboot. After getting the compute turned down completely, you should turn it on again.

When you see it up and running again, the power of the printer has to be put on again. You should also check the levels of ink on the printer. The problem may be caused by the low levels of the ink or if the cartridge is damaged for some reason. Lon ink cartridges have to be replaced. The printer should also be set as the default of the computer. These are the few things that you will need to consider when it comes to fixing your printer.