Uses of predictive dialer

predictive dialer, telecommunicationPredictive dialers are one of the most useful systems devised to help call centre workers to make live connections. It is automatic and helps agents to call people who will actually receive their phone. This means the agents will not have to wait for answering machines or busy tones while calling up people.

It slows down or speeds up dialing rate according to the agent’s availability. It keeps a check on when the calls take place and disposes of unanswered calls. It can even analyze whether the number can be called back after a while or a manual call to the number is required. It is an important application that helps control costs in the call centers. The sales for each agent in a call center using the predictive dialer system increases by leaps and bounds.

So predictive dialers are worth the investment and those companies that have not installed it should do it as fast as possible.

The Best Strategy Game Of All Time

Age of Empire 2 is by far the best strategy games ever made. This game has a city building concept to it with proper plans going in it to create your economy but the back drop is always conquest and war. Some of the campaigns do deal with protection and defense but carefully creating resources and then intelligently using it in troops and defenses is what actually makes this game challenging and exciting.
Unlike games like Empire earth which are far too easy or Shogun Total War which is basically clustered up, Age of Empires 2 delivers the best strategy gaming performance of all time.

There are civilizations to choose from and sides too when choosing to battle from other sides in the third crusade. The backdrop is very educational as well with clear insight into the conquests of Joan of Arc, William Wallace, Genghis Khan, Fredrick Barbarossa and Saladin. The Multiplayer mode is also very famous with death matches and regicides ruling the game play.

Review of android ice-cream sandwich

Android Ice Cream Sandwich version is more advanced as well as powerful and more importantly much more human focused and relatively easier than past android versions. Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich version can be installed on the tablet, portable media player, TV, watch and of course android mobile phones also. This version tediously brings together the best elements of the previous versions of Android Ginger Bread and Honey Comb.

The most incredible change with ice cream sandwich is the interface, it is radically different from the previous ones. The home screen of this Android version is unique and stylish. Unwanted useless icons are not shown on your home screen. And unlike the other android version, Ice Cream Sandwich provides multitasking button. Using a virtual button you are allowed to browse instantly and switch two apps which you recently used. For net users, a new graphical display shows where you can set warnings exceeding data usage limits.

Review of the HTC Desire C

Newly launched HTC desire C bundled with latest android version 4.0.3 ice-cream sandwich provides great performance and has highly attractive looks. It has high resolution 5MP camera and an easy to access feature for switching from video mode to camera mode in minimum time. It has amazing preloaded apps and one of them is Dropbox where you can save your important data and files on the go and it also has 32 GB expandable memory with inbuilt memory of 4gb. The most amazing feature of HTC Desire is that it offers 25 GB free cloud storage on Dropbox valid for two years.

It has a powerful 1,230mAh battery which provides backup of upto 2 days and its sound quality is quite audible providing loud sound when you call someone or when you play the music. HTC Desire is the low-end smartphone packed with excellent features and it also has internet accessing options but however opera mini is recommended for faster browsing.

Review Of The Nokia Lumia 510

The new Nokia Lumia 510 is the latest addition in the Nokia family. With 4 inch wide screen and sleek stylish design in bold colors, this phone surely stands out in the crowd. Since touch phone are so widely in demand these days, the Nokia Lumia 510 sure looks promising. Gone are the days when you would have to scroll down through social-networking apps to update your profile. With this phone, you can easily flip through them, in one screen.

The best thing is that the new features allow you to automatically update your phonebook every time you add a new friend in your social networking account. One of the best features of the Nokia Lumia 510 is that you get the Microsoft SkyDrive which helps you get online storage worth 7 GB. You can store, edit, and download documents and files in your online storage profile. Store all you bookmarks of favorite websites and links in one page and flip through them whenever you like. The new compact technology and wide touch screen makes things very smooth for the Nokia Lumia 510 user.