Review of the Windows 8 Operating system

Windows 8 Operating system, Windows 8The Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System is fully loaded with stunning features. The review of the Windows 8 Operating system states some of its great features. The Windows 8 Operating system has the ARM technology, the ARM technology is mostly seen in all consumer electronic products. The ARM technology runs on tablets and the computers.

The Operating system will enable you to run your cloud application as if you have installed it and you are running it locally. It offers native support for all virtualized applications.

The Windows 8 operating system is lightweight will more security features. The all new operating system does not have the “START” button which the Windows 7 or the previous operating systems had. What it has is the Charms bar. The Charms bar has shortcuts which we all mostly use.

With the Windows 8 you can download apps with ease from the Window Store. And lastly you can make best use of this operating system if you have a touch interface.