Top 3 android applications of 2013

android applications, applicationAndroid is the most popular operating system for mobile phones that people prefer more than any other operating system. Every quarter of the year, the sales of android phones of any brands are increasing steeply. The awesome applications of the android operating system and many other features are attracting more and more people towards using the android. Some of the awesome and mind boggling android applications in the year 2013 so far are listed below. Check if you have all of them and if not then download then today.

Many applications are there which provide you with latest and updates news about the facts that you are interested in. The Beta version of the application MATERIAL does the similar thing. The only difference is that, the application itself senses the area of your interest from you social networking sites profile and provide you with news regarding those.

BT Smart Talk is a very attractive application that allows you to make calls to distant places at a very low price. BT users can register five smart phones for making calls to distant places over 3G, Wi-Fi and even 4G. The striking fact is that your telephone bills are expected to remain more or less the same.

The SKY+ application will now enable you to use your smart phone as a remote control. By matching the wavelength and other specifications, you can now control your television or other remote control units using your phone successfully.

Introduction to waterproof Bluetooth headset

waterproof Bluetooth headsetBluetooth headset has now become very much popular among the cell phone users. It helps you to talk to someone without the need to holding the phone constantly in your hand. You can answer a phone call even when your both hands are occupied or when you are driving.

Without a Bluetooth headset, many times it happens that you can’t answer a very important call simply because you are driving or you are busy in some work and your both hands are occupied. Now it can happen that you have got a Bluetooth headset and while walking talking on the Bluetooth headset, it starts raining. What will you do in such a situation? To protect the headset under such situation, the waterproof Bluetooth headset came in to being. Even very little amount of water can cause damage to the Bluetooth circuit of your headset thereby leading to damage.

Waterproof Bluetooth headset comes with a sheath of covering that protects the whole device from coming in contact with the water. Also the circuit is protected from water and it is ensured that there is no leakage in the device that may lead to the seepage of water.



How to set up an account in Pinterest?

Account in Pinterest, PinterestIf you want to set up an account on Pinterest, then here is a list of things that you need to follow:

• If you want to be a part of Pinterest then you need to be invited. You can get an invitation from either a current user and in case you know no one, you can apply for an invite to the website. Once you get the invite, you just need to click on the given link.
• One needs to sign up then with the help of Facebook or twitter. If you are looking forward to enhance your business via pinterest then it is always a good idea to connect via twitter.
• The third thing that you need to do is come up with a proper user name and following for you account. This will help you attract the right kind of customers for your business site.

An Introduction to Google Voice

telecommunication services , Google  voiceIf you are aware and in sync with the changes and developments which take place in the online world, then you must have heard about Google’s new feature called Google Voice. Google Voice was launched in the year 2009 in March and it was called GrandCentral at that time. But with change in times, some other changes have also been brought about and now with new features and facilities, GrandCentral is now called Google Voice.

The whole system of Google Voice is based and operated on the basis of Gmail itself and its user friendly easy to handle and simple to understand. It is basically and online telecommunications service which has about a million users till date. Outbound, domestic, local and international calls can be made with Google Voice and clarity and easy access are the main impressive features which are seen here at Google Voice. There are many advantages of Google Voice and the only downside is that you can’t make emergency calls through the Google Voice.