Benefits of hiring an IT support company

IT support companyWith the development of the IT industry, every business is now opting for the service support provided by the IT Company to keep them updated and to make their businesses prosperous. You can also look after the services on your own, but if some problem occurs it become quite difficult to locate the where the problem has actually occurred and how it can solved. To make this easier, people now hire IT Support Company. There are many benefits of hiring such a support company.

Outsourcing companies provide IT services enabling your business to get the specialized skills and knowledge. You can’t grow in this competitive market if you lack in sufficient expertise in your field. The efficiency of your business will also be increased to a much higher level if you use an IT support service. The Support company will incorporate the best procedures for the swift implementation of your business.

Client and customer satisfaction is a very big thing in the business world and that can be achieved very easily if you have hired an IT support company to use the most upgraded procedures.

Top 3 features of Google voice

telecommunication services , Google voiceThe advent of Google Voice along with its host of features has raised a lot of questions regarding the existence and sustainability of the many small companies or organizations offering telephonic solutions. Moreover these small companies do charge for their services, whereas Google voice is completely free of cost.

Google voice has many features which are proved to be helpful for the present day business organization and institution. Of the many features available with Google Voice, few are mentioned out here. Call recording is probably the most talked about and used feature in Google voice. You can record your calls in Google Voice. The recorded call can help you in future to make some deal and also act as evidence in case you are in some problem.

Long Distance calling is possible with Google Voice without much hassle. You don’t have to worry about the distance or the place you want to make the call. Since Google Voice is based on internet connectivity, any person having access to the internet can be called using Google Voice.
Voice Mail Transcription is the one of the most controversial and talked about features. In spite many questions against this features, it is still being used.

How to calculate broadband speed online?

broadband speed onlineIf you are finding recently that your broadband is running slowly, then it is time to check your broadband speed so that you can lodge a complaint with your internet connection provider. How you must be wondering how to check the speed of your broadband connection? The best way of testing the speed of your broadband connection is to visit any of the several broadband speed testing websites. These websites enable you to check if your broadband is working at the optimum speed or at a speed slower than the usual speed.

You simply need to search broadband speed testing websites in any of the search engines and you will get the links to the website. The speed is measured depending upon the time taken to download a particular file. Normally the speed is provided in Kilobytes per seconds i.e. kbps. However if you want to find the speed in Mbps, you simply need to divide it by 1000.

To get a reliable enough result, you should carry out speed several times at different at points throughout a particular day.

Review of Nokia Lumia 920

lumia 920 review, nokia lumia 920The Lumia 920 is really the best smart phone Nokia has ever launched in to the Indian market. It is operated by the Windows 8 operating system. It has got such features that while compared to the iPhone or any other smart phone of this price range, Lumia 920 is way ahead of them.
It has got a 768x 1280 pixels full HD resolution display on a 4.5 inch screen and having 332ppi. The screen is being sheltered by the Cornering Gorilla Glass 2 which helps in keeping all sorts of scratches away from the screen. It runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of 1.5GHz dual core variety and 1GB RAM. Due to the PureMotion HD feature, the motion blur is reduced to a large extent. For connectivity, you have features like 3G, edge, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc.

The camera is probably best in class camera ever used in any smart phone. The dual LED flash is strong enough to give you a clear daylight like picture even in a complete dark room. The 8 megapixel back camera also has the features like panorama and many other exciting and amazing editing options. The camera comes with Carl Zeiss optics. The Front camera is of 1.3 Megapixel. The Lumia 920 has an in built storage capacity of 32 GB with no provision for expansion.