Planning to buy a tablet?

buy a tabletThe tablet PCs are in vogue today. In fact, it has been predicted that from 4 years from now, tablets are going to outrun the consumption of PCs largely. The sleek handy design enabling easy portability can be credited for the accelerating popularity of these mini computers. Are you too planning to buy a tablet off late? Well, the trendy tech scene is packed with a versatile range of tablets to pick from but not all can be the perfect suitor for you. There are several considerations to keep in mind while buying a new tablet. The article here presents some tips that are sure to help in your tablet shopping.

First of all, you have to consider the OS of the tablet. The two ruling tablet OS in the current market today- Apple’s iOS and Android OS. While both of them offer superior features, the Android one would be your ultimate pick if you don’t want to compromise on your wallet. Another thing to consider here is the size of the tablet. If you want something easy on hand, it’s better you go for the 7” option rather than the bigger 10” ones.

Besides, you must consider the storage size, especially if you are counting on the tablet for most of your office files and folders. Search for tablets that are designed with a microSD slot enabling good additional storage.
You have to take up a thorough research on the model you are planning to buy. Yes, the tech experts always suggest counting on the latest versions but don’t jump on them as soon as the upgraded version launches. It’s advised that you wait for at least a couple of months post launch as by that time you will be getting a sizeable quantity of expert reviews and user testimonials to help out in your research.

Gift solar powered gifts this holiday season

solar powered gadgetsAre you confused about what to gift your near and dear ones now that the holiday season is fast approaching? Well, here is some food for thought. How about you give some amazing gifts to your loved ones and also to Mother Earth? You must be perplexed but gifting solar powered gadgets are gifts is a way in which you can do both at the same time. So, this holiday season be environmentally responsible and get solar powered gadgets for your friends and family. These gifts will be unique as well and you can be rest assured that people will thoroughly appreciate your thought.

If some of your friends are tech junkies then solar powered gadgets is surely the best way to go. A very popular choice is computer accessories and you can gift solar powered wireless keyboards and solar powered portable battery chargers for your friends. If budget does not pose a constraint and you want to be extravagant then you can even go in for laptops that are completely powered by the sun. Other solar powered tech gadgets that make for great gifts in special occasions include solar powered mobile phone charger, solar powered wristwatch and solar powered portable speakers.

A lot of people think that since solar powered gadgets are a rage at the moment, purchasing them will burn a hole in their pockets. However, you need to understand that this is not entirely true. A lot of brick and mortar stores do charge a lot of solar powered gadgets but be a smart buyer and make your purchases from online stores that specialize in solar powered gadgets. In fact, at these online stores not only hi-tech solar gadgets you will also get solar powered insect repellants and solar floor fountain LED, lamps with solar powered batteries and solar Bluetooth hands-free car kit.