Top 5 Must Have Android Apps

Android appsOne of the major benefits of using android device is that you can have as many apps as you can and that too very easily. There are several apps which is very useful for android and it must be there if you are using android device. You might not be aware of such apps if you are not using android device previously. Thus to guide you and let you know about the must have android apps here is a small article which will help you while you are using your android device.

  • ES file explorer

ES explorer is something which you would expect from a file explorer, in fact it is not something it is almost everything which you have an expectation from file manager. ES explorer enables you to copy, paste, rename or delete any of the files you want and have in your android device. Through this app you are allowed to select multiple files at just one time just like you do in your PC and your MAC. Isn’t this great? You will definitely want to have this facility of selecting and copying or deleting multiple files at one time. Through this app you are also enables to compress any files to gz or zip format. One of the best features of this must have android app ES explorer is to have the ability to be connected to network shares. This indicates that you can connect to any shared folder on your LAN and you are enabled to transfer the files from or to your android device. The user interface of this app is really quick, simple and easy to use. Hence this one of the must have android apps.

  • Go SMS pro

This app is one of the ultimate messaging app for all the android devices and users. There is a really useful setting given in this app which gives you a pop of your incoming message. Users of this app can directly delete or respond the message from the window only. Thus app is must have android app as it also supports marking, deleting or having the backup of all messages in bulk. This must have android apps is highly customizable as you can change anything from the text color to the background color, SMS tone for any specific contact or even you can have an y theme for SMS application.

  • Dolphin HD browser

Dolphin HD browser is probably a professional mobile browser which is presented by Mob tap Inc. Dolphin HD browser is one of the most advanced and customizable web browser and you would definitely love to have it in your android device. You can browse any data or any information with the highest sped and great efficiency and thus it is in the list of must have android apps. The main browsing screen of this app is very much and uncluttered and thus it is one of the must have android apps.