Parrot Bluetooth car kit

With innovations in technology today the world has become a simpler place to live in. needless to thank the invention of Bluetooth technology that has made life wireless. The parrot Bluetooth car kit is such equipment that has everything that one needs in their car to be. It has a web service application with voice recognition and hands free telephonic connection. What more do you need to keep in touch with the world while driving?

It has an android application embedded in the kit that enables you to even connect the GPS system, thanks to 3G technology; besides, you can surf the internet, internet radios, stream music, check out routes, navigate etc. The entire kit is hands free one which means you do not have to put your hands off your steering wheels while using the kit. There are a lot of accessories given out with the kit that has multiple other uses as well.

Automotive gadgets

nullIn recent times, plenty of amazing hi-tech automotive gadgets have sprung up. Some of these wonderful smart automotive gadgets are:

Automatic roll up car window: This high-end gadget lets avail many facilities while driving. This has the capability to detect the light outside and automatically turn on and off the headlights. Even when it is frosty or rainy outside, these automatic sensors turn the windscreen wipers on.

Rear view camera: This is an important gadget that lets you see the rear with clarity. The LCD screen attached with the mirror gives you a clear picture of any obstruction from behind.

Compact Cooler: It is a great device that acts as a refrigerator in your car. It can easily fit between the seats and keep your food cooler.

GPS gadgets: This is a very efficient gadget while traveling long distance. It enables you to track down places very easily.

These are some of the automotive gadgets that have great utility while traveling alone or with family.