Why Is Your Internet Slow?


Internet is buzzword of the day. You are connected to whole of the world with www wires and you can be virtually anywhere with just a click of mouse. One of the most important performance criteria of internet is its speed. But sometimes it is noticed that our internet connection is really slow and takes long time even to load a lightweight website.

Broadband router is centerpiece of any network and its faulty configuration can be the reason for slow speed of your connection. Wireless signal interference from various sources like from your neighbors etc can cause your connection to perform slowly. Worms are malicious programs which create network traffic and blocks data transfer hence slowing speed.

Your network resources are consumed up if you are using some heavy background applications. Due to lack of resources your internet speed gets slow. Faulty network equipment like routers modems or cables can also be the reason for low throughput of an internet connection.

Google chrome extensions

nullThe Google chrome extensions can be called a Fancy Wrapper for user scripts but to use, one has to install the extension linked at the bottom of Google’s tutorial. You should have goggle chrome 2.0 beta and a recent developer build before trying at the bottom of Google tutorials to install the extension linked. Target field should be targeted by you to launch Google chrome which enables the support for extensions. Properties are to be selected by clicking right on the shortcut and a space is added to the target field which is followed by ( –enable-extensions—load-extension=”c:\myextension”)

Then, the extension is downloaded, Google chrome is launched by extracting the content to c:\myextension.From the Google’s homepage, the logo is replaced which is the only effect of the extension. Not only this, but the file is also edited and different URL can also be entered for the image. This is called Google chrome extensions.

Easy steps to speed up IE8 browser

nullIn browser, when different types of toolbars and favorites and bookmarks were added, there is no doubt that IE browser will surely become inept or you can say clumsy. Now there are just three steps which you have to follow to speed up IE8 browser.

As you already know that there are many types of add-on that is really useless. So what you have to do, you just have to delete that add-on and it is to be managed as well. Secondly there is an option, synchronizing temporary web pages, going to the internet option, select tool then click the settings button and then never.

Thirdly, you can use GPEDIT, if Windows XP pro is your operating system. Otherwise if you have another operating system then to download Windows XP, you can go to Microsoft download center. This is the steps that you have to follow to speed up IE8 browser.