A Guide To Electric Car Batteries

Electric Car BatteriesA car is considered to be the most important commodity in our lives today. Those of you who own a car must be very dependent on it and you must be traveling from one place to another with the use of your personal car only. Owning a car is not a luxury anymore. Almost every family has a car nowadays.

However, cars pollute the atmosphere and cause a lot of damage to the environment because most of these work on diesel or petrol. When the diesel or petrol is burnt, harmful gases are released into the atmosphere which cause air pollution. The only solution to this problem of pollution is replacing the diesel or petrol powered cars with cars that work on electric batteries.

Ever since the people became conscious of the dangerous affects of the diesel or petrol powered cars on the environment, the electric battery manufacturers and designers started to look for ways in which the electric batteries could help the cars run efficiently and be the only source of power for these cars.

Electric car batteries available in the market have the capability of initiating not only the engine of the car but also become a power source for other accessories used in the cars. The weight of the electric car batteries is usually very light and they can be recharged very quickly. These batteries can be recycled conveniently as well. The electrolytes present in the electric car batteries are in the form of a gel because of which the cars using these batteries can cover long distances. The electric batteries are extremely powerful and cheap.

Electric car batteries are not that popular among the masses at the moment. But in the future these batteries are going to be appreciated and more and more people will use cars that run on these electric batteries.

Review of Nokia Lumia 920

lumia 920 review, nokia lumia 920The Lumia 920 is really the best smart phone Nokia has ever launched in to the Indian market. It is operated by the Windows 8 operating system. It has got such features that while compared to the iPhone or any other smart phone of this price range, Lumia 920 is way ahead of them.
It has got a 768x 1280 pixels full HD resolution display on a 4.5 inch screen and having 332ppi. The screen is being sheltered by the Cornering Gorilla Glass 2 which helps in keeping all sorts of scratches away from the screen. It runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of 1.5GHz dual core variety and 1GB RAM. Due to the PureMotion HD feature, the motion blur is reduced to a large extent. For connectivity, you have features like 3G, edge, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc.

The camera is probably best in class camera ever used in any smart phone. The dual LED flash is strong enough to give you a clear daylight like picture even in a complete dark room. The 8 megapixel back camera also has the features like panorama and many other exciting and amazing editing options. The camera comes with Carl Zeiss optics. The Front camera is of 1.3 Megapixel. The Lumia 920 has an in built storage capacity of 32 GB with no provision for expansion.

Top 3 android applications of 2013

android applications, applicationAndroid is the most popular operating system for mobile phones that people prefer more than any other operating system. Every quarter of the year, the sales of android phones of any brands are increasing steeply. The awesome applications of the android operating system and many other features are attracting more and more people towards using the android. Some of the awesome and mind boggling android applications in the year 2013 so far are listed below. Check if you have all of them and if not then download then today.

Many applications are there which provide you with latest and updates news about the facts that you are interested in. The Beta version of the application MATERIAL does the similar thing. The only difference is that, the application itself senses the area of your interest from you social networking sites profile and provide you with news regarding those.

BT Smart Talk is a very attractive application that allows you to make calls to distant places at a very low price. BT users can register five smart phones for making calls to distant places over 3G, Wi-Fi and even 4G. The striking fact is that your telephone bills are expected to remain more or less the same.

The SKY+ application will now enable you to use your smart phone as a remote control. By matching the wavelength and other specifications, you can now control your television or other remote control units using your phone successfully.

Review of the HTC Desire C

Newly launched HTC desire C bundled with latest android version 4.0.3 ice-cream sandwich provides great performance and has highly attractive looks. It has high resolution 5MP camera and an easy to access feature for switching from video mode to camera mode in minimum time. It has amazing preloaded apps and one of them is Dropbox where you can save your important data and files on the go and it also has 32 GB expandable memory with inbuilt memory of 4gb. The most amazing feature of HTC Desire is that it offers 25 GB free cloud storage on Dropbox valid for two years.

It has a powerful 1,230mAh battery which provides backup of upto 2 days and its sound quality is quite audible providing loud sound when you call someone or when you play the music. HTC Desire is the low-end smartphone packed with excellent features and it also has internet accessing options but however opera mini is recommended for faster browsing.

Review Of The Nokia Lumia 510

The new Nokia Lumia 510 is the latest addition in the Nokia family. With 4 inch wide screen and sleek stylish design in bold colors, this phone surely stands out in the crowd. Since touch phone are so widely in demand these days, the Nokia Lumia 510 sure looks promising. Gone are the days when you would have to scroll down through social-networking apps to update your profile. With this phone, you can easily flip through them, in one screen.

The best thing is that the new features allow you to automatically update your phonebook every time you add a new friend in your social networking account. One of the best features of the Nokia Lumia 510 is that you get the Microsoft SkyDrive which helps you get online storage worth 7 GB. You can store, edit, and download documents and files in your online storage profile. Store all you bookmarks of favorite websites and links in one page and flip through them whenever you like. The new compact technology and wide touch screen makes things very smooth for the Nokia Lumia 510 user.

Detailed review of the Xperia Arc s

Xperia Arc s, mobile reviewsThe market of mobile handsets is booming all over the world and the market is flooded with various types of handsets which are full of high-tech features. Xperia Arc is a pioneering product from Sony Ericson. The handset is loaded with great features that make it a popular brand all over the world. However, the set has undergone many upgradations over the time. It has sparkling features too which make it one of the most attractive handsets available in the market at the moment.

It has a powerful 8.0 MP camera which is capable of taking quality still and videos. The wide TFT screen is fully powered with high resolution capabilities. It is powered with 2GB RAM with adaptability make use of 32 GB micro SD card. It has a faster Internet browsing capability which can be a pleasure for the users to browse through the Internet. This is the thinnest Smartphone available in the market at the present moment.

How to save mobile phones battery charges

Tips to save mobile charge, mobile batteryThe mobile phones are important parts of our lives and life gets difficult when they are not around. There are a few tricks to follow if you looking for saving the power of your mobile phone battery. First of all, try not to press the keys when it is not required as the backlight will be activated by each key press and the power will be reduced as a result.

In the long run, you will find that it is better to go with the new batteries than the refurbished ones provided the charging system is in working condition. It is interesting to know that a battery will last longer if it is not charged frequently. Another important thing to consider is that one should not overcharge the battery. Keeping the battery connected to the charger long after the charge is complete may damage the battery. The battery may fail to perform if you do not use the phone for a prolonged period.

Top 5 free android applications

These days almost everyone owns an android. The younger generation especially are highly satisfied with an android phones due to its hi-tech features and interesting apps. The phone Halo Protect is a good application, which protects the phone, helps recover lost data and keeps a track on its whereabouts. So f the phone is stolen, this application can help you locate it. The Titanium Backup is an app, which cans tore large amounts of data in forms of images, songs, folders and files as a backup system.


Download Nimbuzz in your phone to chat with friends, send pictures and files all day. This is a free app and can be downloaded into your phone easily. Edit, use, send and write whatever you wish with the help of WordPress. Stay corrected and informed at all times with the use of this cool application. Graphically organize your files and images and work with the help of Ultimate FavsPro Application.

How to Avoid Killing Your Notebook Battery

Do you know that you can avoid killing your notebook battery? There are many people who do not have much knowledge how to handle their notebook when it comes to its uses. They only come to realize their mistake when they find that their battery has lost its life. You should always try to avoid working on our notebook in the scorching heat of the sun. This can damage the screen of your netbook.

The lithium-ion cell that is present in the notebook loses more than 20% when you store in a temperature of 40 degree Celcius. You should also never leave your notebook completely discharged as it reduces its life. If you find that you notebook has become very hot then you should try to shut down for sometime. This would help your notebook to come to its original temperature. So in this way you would be able to save the battery of your notebook to a great extent.

Samsung B5310


Samsung Corby B5310 is a gorgeous and resplendent cell phone from the arena of Samsung’s high end technology gadgets and boasts of its amazing features and 3G technologies. It is a conglomeration of some of the outstanding features at extremely affordable prices. The QWERTY keyboard makes it very easy and convenient to handle and operate. The touch screen offers a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels.

At one hundred and thirty grams only it’s chic and handy and is fast becoming a craze among youngsters with its fine line of features. Wi-Fi facility along with Bluetooth and a USB port at side of handset makes it all more desirable. 3G HSDPS ensures fast connectivity and EDGE technology helps you to transfer data at higher rates.

This phone has an internal memory of 100 MB and it can be extended up to 16 GB with external attachments. Samsung Corby B5310 offers a magnificent experience to its users with its stylish looks and trail of features. You can click you favorite moments and freeze them to enjoy for a lifetime with its built in camera.

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