How to calculate broadband speed online?

broadband speed onlineIf you are finding recently that your broadband is running slowly, then it is time to check your broadband speed so that you can lodge a complaint with your internet connection provider. How you must be wondering how to check the speed of your broadband connection? The best way of testing the speed of your broadband connection is to visit any of the several broadband speed testing websites. These websites enable you to check if your broadband is working at the optimum speed or at a speed slower than the usual speed.

You simply need to search broadband speed testing websites in any of the search engines and you will get the links to the website. The speed is measured depending upon the time taken to download a particular file. Normally the speed is provided in Kilobytes per seconds i.e. kbps. However if you want to find the speed in Mbps, you simply need to divide it by 1000.

To get a reliable enough result, you should carry out speed several times at different at points throughout a particular day.

DIY CD Labels

nullDo-it-yourself or DIY CD labels are a popular trend. These are self made CD labels on which you can use your creativity and create unique designs. There are complete kits available for making CD labels. You can use blank adhesive labels and make various designs according to your wish. Especially during rewriting CDs, DYI CD labels are a great hit. It is very useful to change the label and also showcases your creativity and thought.

DIY CD labels have attained great heights after the introduction of CD label software. This software has a built in gallery comprising clip art, from where you can download your designs. These labels may contain data related to the content of the CD along with graphics related to it. You can purchase this software and also download it from the Internet. DIY CD labels are great fun to make and also very easy. Besides, it shows your creativity as well.