What Standards to Look for When Buying a TV Wall Bracket

Wall mounting your TV is a must for any self-confessed gadget lover and few could argue with how good a TV looks attached to the wall. After all they are designed to be slim and take up little space in the home. But would you feel comfortable putting your expensive new screen on any old wall mount? Of course not, so today we wanted to share some tips about what to look for and talk more about the standards your chosen stand should adhere to.

VESA Mounting Interface Standard

If you want a good solid standards compliant wall mount then you should look for the VESA sticker or logo. The vast majority of flat panel displays and monitors sold today are compatible with the VESA wall bracket standard.

To comply with the standard, your display needs to have mounting holes in specific places in a specific configuration so that they can be used with the wide variety of VESA compatible wall brackets. Each mounting hole also needs to accommodate M4 threaded screws with a length of 10mm to comply with the standard.

The most commonly found VESA configurations are in the shape of a square, with a distance of 75mm between each mounting hole. VESA later introduced a few extra standards to accommodate displays with larger screen sizes. Larger displays often have their mounting holes placed farther away from each other than on smaller displays, allowing for the weight of the display to be better distributed onto the wall bracket.

The benefits of the VESA Mounting Interface Standard

The introduction of the VESA standard aided both consumers and manufacturers and meant that consumers could buy tried and tested mounts. So hopefully your TV will not fall off the wall.

Had the standard not been introduced, it is likely that the majority of display manufacturers would have devised their own type of wall brackets to use for their displays, and these brackets would not have been compatible with each other. So, for example, Sony displays would not have worked with Samsung wall brackets, and vice versa.

Since the standard was embraced by the vast majority of display manufacturers, this situation never occurred. Today, consumers can purchase and mount a VESA wall bracket and it should be compatible with the vast majority of displays being produced.

So when buying a TV wall mount always be sure to look out for the VESA logo. Of course this is only part of ensuring that your TV wall mounts properly. Wall integrity is another consideration. You should also consult your TVs manual as they may also recommend some types of wall mounts over others.


LED TV: crystal clear display

LED TV, LEDLED televisions are the most popular among the consumers in the current markets. There are a lot of different types of LED televisions that are available in the market. These televisions come with a design that is very sleek. The resolution of these screens are the best part of the television sets of LED technology. The support the high definition pictures brilliant.

Every detail of the color patterns of the content of the screen is held before the eyes in a flawless manner by the screens that are LED. It is possible to have the best cinematic experience that would be almost cinematic if one were watching a movie in an LED screen. With the invention of the LED technology, the sizes of the television sets have also been reduced. There are no huge lumps at the back of the television sets in the modern days LED technology does not need that extra space.

How to make ink cartridge of printer work for long time?

Most of us have come across problems like blinking error lights, paper jams and other such printer problems while using printers. Here we give you a few pointers on how these problems can be avoided while using printers.

Use your printer at least once in two weeks. This helps in avoiding ink clogs. If this does not help then immerse the print head in warm water for a while and then dry it before using. This would help in loosening the clogs. If you get alerts and are not able to use your printer because you have installed the latest driver then just uninstall the status monitor.

Make sure that the printer that you buy costs more than the cartridges, because these help it last longer. Do not use the printer when the cartridges are low on ink. These are few pointers that would help and if there if a problem it is always good to get some technical help.

Is weather radio really helpful?

The increase in the number of the hurricanes and their severity has led to the thoughts about weather safety throughout the nation. The weather radio is a very important aspect in the awareness of weather safety. Radios can be used at any time. But it is very important that it is of use at very bad weather conditions.

That is when it is absolutely important. During storms and other such unruly weather the possibility of a power shutdown is very high. This can be very well gotten with the help of a weather radio.

Weather radios are different from the normal radios in various ways. They can receive NOAA weather signals 24 hours a day. This is crucial information as it allows one to take protect before the storm approaches his area. These radios are smaller and lighter. It also helps one select his country and region so as to get the required information at the needed time.

An I pod in your shoe

Have you ever thought of getting your workout recorded by your iPod?? Well now it is possible. Everyone knows that our iPods reacts to flips and respond to the games we are playing. This is done with the help of an accelerometer. The accelerometer is a very important part of the iPod. It makes use of electric current, silicon mass and silicon springs.

When these elements are put together, the gaming experience is simply awesome. The working of these elements go as such, fluctuation in the electric currents is caused by the measurement of the position of the silicon mass by the spring. When there is a variation in the current the LCD screen receives a different signal. This then sends a signal to the iPod to adjust the game.

This technology is what is used in the Nike- iPod. It helps one keep track of the workout done and receive updates on the distance covered, calories burnt and so on.

Animated Clocks and their Benefits

The animated clocks are awesome and are the favorites of the small children. Children like these clocks as these clocks have animated voices like the olden days cuckoo clocks. The cuckoo clocks in today’s modern times run on a modern mechanism. The mechanism on which the other clock works is the manual battery control system.

The manual battery control system helps in conserving battery power. On many cells these battery a photo cell acts as a shut-off switch, turning off the sounds – and music if any – automatically each night. Another major difference in these battery operated quartz cuckoo clocks is that instead of merely mimicking the sound of the cuckoo bird, they play an actual recording of a real cuckoo bird with the possible addition of other woodsy or jungle sounds, such as running water, or anything else the creator of the piece may desire. So check out for these animated clocks.

Touch less Trash: Guarantee for better Hygiene

These products are the simple sensible and efficient solution provided to the everyday problems of life. Touches less products are healthy for everyone. After using touch less products, people say that they are happy, as they are not falling sick any more. The touches less products are hygienic in nature. They can be dispose off well.

This is a basic home improvement product and once this product is use wisely, people will come to know its use in mot more than a minute. It is better that you suggest this product to every one and tell them the benefits. If people get the taste of it then they would surely adopt themselves to touch fewer products.Touch less products also help us minimize our exposure to harmful germs like salmonella, mold, mildew, and viruses that are lurking everywhere, especially on garbage cans and soap dispenser. I cannot even begin to imagine how caretakers like mothers and nurses feel about staying healthy–what a blessing touch less products will be in their lives!

Weather Radio: Staying Prepare

The winter weather is very hazardous at times with snowstorms and hail rains. It even affects the life of many. With proper planning from the beginning, it may help prevent some of the difficulties. Although winter comes as no surprise, many of us are not ready for its arrival. If you are prepared for the hazards of winter, you will be more likely to stay safe and healthy when temperatures start to fall. There are certain facts which you should keep in mind when winter is about to come.

Keep amount of food stuff with your before the winter arrives. If there is baby, the baby needs more care. You should take care of the baby more than you take care of anybody else. Heaters should be kept ready. The logs for the fireplace should also be kept I place. The logs should be cut in proper shapes and size and should be kept for drying. The room should be properly isolated.

miFlower Animated MP3 Speaker & Clock

If somebody does not remain satisfied with ordinary things of life and always searches for extraordinary or unique type of materials then possessing the gadget like miFlower Animated MP3 Speaker & Clock may satisfy his or her needs. This gadget found in the shape of a colorful flower that never needs water for its existence, when placed in a room, will not remain stationery being unnoticed by the others. On the contrary, it will start singing music when linked with a music player or an iPod.

The above miFlower fun device can be operated with the help of 4AAA batteries or button cell batteries like 3 AG13 1.5 V. The main feature that makes it extraordinary is its sensitiveness for motion. If anybody wants to stop, its functioning then one has to send a wave through remote control. The gadget also contains LCD face having many types of happy expressions.

Motion-Activated Digital Drumsticks

Many of us are often found tapping a table or anything else with the rhythm of music instinctively. If anybody is willing to perform the same action with the help of a gadget then one should opt for the Motion-Activated Digital Drumsticks, which will satisfy his or her needs.

With the support of iPod Digital Drumsticks, one may continue the tapping action along with one’s favorite tune and it will be felt that some professional player is engaged in his solo performance. For getting the experience, one has to attach the control model with one’s belt and link one’s iPod and may able to drum with any sort of music one has downloaded. The drumsticks are activated by motion and the buttons which are there give power to rhythm various combination of effects of the drum like bass drum, snare drum, cymbals and many others. Thus, the iPod digital drumsticks are found to be a fun gadget in respect of anybody who has rhythm sense.

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