Top 5 sports gadgets of 2014

sports gadgetsThe top 5 sports gadgets for 2014

• Fit bug orb- This is a small device which makes the use of an advanced 3-axis accelerometer to perfectly calculate your step. Though it is small and prudent it can be utilized to observe your sleeping and walking activity for full 24 hours per day via Bluetooth connection to smart phone type gadget. You can also clip it to your clothes for repetitive routine inspection. It can control your nutrition and keep an eye on the actions thus helping you to achieve your own personal aims.

• Bose SIE21 headphones- Listening to music while walking or running can prove to be a good motivator for any exercise. These Bose sports headphones are very costly but you should buy this headphone as it provides you with high quality sounds. If you are working out in bad weather conditions these headphones are quite helpful as they are weather and sweat defiant. It also features an inline microphone for receiving call and also switching between calls and music with an inline remote control.

• Kinect Disneyland adventure- It can help you to become fit even if you are at your living room. It can now be used for the entire family along with the kids to keep everybody fit. It permits the kids, their mothers and all the Disney fans to have the adventures of a Disneyland. They are very challenging and you can also interact with your favorite Disney characters in their voices without any control by the controller required.

• Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales- It keeps a record of your weight and fat content along with BMI capacity. It can be synchronized with your smart phones or computers that will keep you motivated and you will be able to get long term results. It can keep a record of 8 people and you can keep your details confidential by using your initials or username. To increase the versatility of the instrument, you have various apps and online programs attached to it.

• 66fit Exercise Ball- This ball is a very good way to stay fit and that too within the limited space of bedrooms. A large variety of sit-ups and press-ups can be done with the help of this ball. A burst resistant and a rough ball is the best.

Taking Care Of DSLR Lenses

DSLR LensesThose of you who own a DSLR camera surely give a lot of priority to it because this camera is highly expensive and it helps you capture some of the best moments of your life. You can be utilizing the DSLR camera for some professional work or you might just be using it because photography is your favorite hobby. It is extremely essential that you take care of the camera appropriately. One of the most important components of the DSLR camera is the lens. This article will put forward certain tips that will help you take care of the DSLR lenses.

First of all you must carry the DSLR lenses in a sturdy bag so that it is protected from accidental falls, moisture, dust and dirt efficiently. So ensure that you buy a lightweight and durable camera bag in which you can carry the lenses appropriately. Whenever you are not using the DSLR camera, you have to make sure that the lens is covered by the lens cap so that no dust settles on it.
When you are cleaning the camera lenses, you should make it a point to use a soft cloth to clean the lenses so that no scratches are formed on the DSLR lenses. Ultrafine microfiber cloth can be utilized by you because with this cloth you can get rid of things such as grease spots, finger marks, dust particles and so on more effectively.

You can regularly clean the DSLR lenses using things like microfiber cloth, a blower and some lens solution. Utilizing the blower you have to get rid of the large dust particles. After that, with the cloth and lens solution you have to clean the lenses and finally utilize the blower again to clean the lenses thoroughly. Remember that you have to be extremely patient and careful while cleaning the DSLR lenses.

A Walkie Talkie can be definitely brought into use even now

Walkie TalkieWalkie talkies are not owned by many people now days because with the increasing use of mobile phones which has internet connections it has become very easy for people to connect to others without any difficulty and at minimum cost. But we do not know that walkie talkies can be very handy. In many situations it can out do a mobile phone with its performance.

Mobile phones can be used to connect to people when you are out in markets or in office. But in places where we do not get signals walkie talkies can be used. But for people who go on hunting and campaigning where networks are almost impossible to get, we can make use of cheap walkie talkies. The can perform well in a small area and you can use them when you have to separate from your partners. You can also make use of walkie talkies in sending urgent messages when e-mails are also not efficient in doing it. In many organizations because the staff cannot stay in touch there are management issues. Calling up people every now and then is very inconvenient.

Walkie talkies make use of their own in built frequencies and do not depend on supplementary technologies for the working process. You can make its use even from a distance of ten miles. Walkie talkies is free from all complications like getting a license or a contract, it does not incur any call charges upon you and allows you to talk as long as you wish to. You do not have to dial any number or listen to any tones or wait for the person on the other end to pick up the phone. Walkie talkies remains attached to your clothes and remains within your reach. You can talk to many people at a time. They have become very important in organizations across the globe.

Cool Gadgets for the smart damsels

Cool GadgetsIt’s a common myth that gadgets fall under the men’s territory and women simply steer clear of them. But the contemporary gizmo scene is all set to break that myth with its release of a number of cool gadgets especially stylized for the fairer sex. Are you intrigued to delve deeper into the women-friendly gadget roster? Well nice, here comes a list of amazing gadgets that are sure to impress every damsel around.

Clutches are said to be one of the most adored accessories for women and the tech companies and fashion designers have conjured to beget a gizmo style into your usual little purse to make it all the more interesting. It’s to stress here that today you are getting audio clutches that are ready to play your favorite tracks for you while doubling up as your plush designer handbag. You will find a Bluetooth speaker with it that ensures a wire-free handling. Then, you have the smart watches. These smart watches are an able successor of your smartphone in a miniature and don all the vital aspects of your smart handset. The smart watches will show up texts for you as well as email & other notifications. Besides, the smart watch also enables you to use the voice-commands for hands-free tasks.

Then, there are the stylish earphones. If you find the plain earphone plugs dull and a hindrance to your style statement, there are the fashion earphones for you. These earphones carry necklace-like funky attachments which work to glam up your style statement further- sans compromising on the functionality of headphones. Finally, no one can miss out on the good old hair dryer which is one of the most used gadgets among every woman. The latest hair dryers not only dry up your wet mane but also help to smoothen or straighten the lovely tresses.

Planning to buy a tablet?

buy a tabletThe tablet PCs are in vogue today. In fact, it has been predicted that from 4 years from now, tablets are going to outrun the consumption of PCs largely. The sleek handy design enabling easy portability can be credited for the accelerating popularity of these mini computers. Are you too planning to buy a tablet off late? Well, the trendy tech scene is packed with a versatile range of tablets to pick from but not all can be the perfect suitor for you. There are several considerations to keep in mind while buying a new tablet. The article here presents some tips that are sure to help in your tablet shopping.

First of all, you have to consider the OS of the tablet. The two ruling tablet OS in the current market today- Apple’s iOS and Android OS. While both of them offer superior features, the Android one would be your ultimate pick if you don’t want to compromise on your wallet. Another thing to consider here is the size of the tablet. If you want something easy on hand, it’s better you go for the 7” option rather than the bigger 10” ones.

Besides, you must consider the storage size, especially if you are counting on the tablet for most of your office files and folders. Search for tablets that are designed with a microSD slot enabling good additional storage.
You have to take up a thorough research on the model you are planning to buy. Yes, the tech experts always suggest counting on the latest versions but don’t jump on them as soon as the upgraded version launches. It’s advised that you wait for at least a couple of months post launch as by that time you will be getting a sizeable quantity of expert reviews and user testimonials to help out in your research.

Gift solar powered gifts this holiday season

solar powered gadgetsAre you confused about what to gift your near and dear ones now that the holiday season is fast approaching? Well, here is some food for thought. How about you give some amazing gifts to your loved ones and also to Mother Earth? You must be perplexed but gifting solar powered gadgets are gifts is a way in which you can do both at the same time. So, this holiday season be environmentally responsible and get solar powered gadgets for your friends and family. These gifts will be unique as well and you can be rest assured that people will thoroughly appreciate your thought.

If some of your friends are tech junkies then solar powered gadgets is surely the best way to go. A very popular choice is computer accessories and you can gift solar powered wireless keyboards and solar powered portable battery chargers for your friends. If budget does not pose a constraint and you want to be extravagant then you can even go in for laptops that are completely powered by the sun. Other solar powered tech gadgets that make for great gifts in special occasions include solar powered mobile phone charger, solar powered wristwatch and solar powered portable speakers.

A lot of people think that since solar powered gadgets are a rage at the moment, purchasing them will burn a hole in their pockets. However, you need to understand that this is not entirely true. A lot of brick and mortar stores do charge a lot of solar powered gadgets but be a smart buyer and make your purchases from online stores that specialize in solar powered gadgets. In fact, at these online stores not only hi-tech solar gadgets you will also get solar powered insect repellants and solar floor fountain LED, lamps with solar powered batteries and solar Bluetooth hands-free car kit.

Some handy fitness gadgets

fitness gadgetsThe fitness zone has come up with some really cool gadgets that make workout fun and all the more effective. Some of the eminent brands have come up with excellent fitness gizmos to ensure a functional exercise regimen with style. Here is a brief on some of top notch fitness gadgets you can go for.

First of all, you have the runner’s GPS watch. The GPS watch will keep track on the distance covered, your pace, your heart rate and the calories burnt so that you can assess your performance after every lap. Some of these GPS workout watches can also be used for cyclists and swimmers.

Then there is a very useful weight loss app from iPhone called Lose It. The app will enable you to set goals & establish daily calorie chart so that you can keep check on calorie consumption and follow up with exercises for an effective weight loss.

You will also like the trendy rubber wristlet fitness tracker powered by accelerometer & sensor. It will easily slip into your wrist while you are running and would work to count your steps and calories burnt. This device usually comes with a LED display for a clear view on your fitness data.

According to fitness experts, a good sleep everyday is essential to stay fit and healthy- and any problem here would cast huge impact on mind and body. Thus, there are the sleep tracker watches that will offer you an elaborate data on your sleep which will help in finding out the possible problems in your sleep pattern. The user will get data on his sleep quality, duration, how much he moved during sleep etc.

Besides, you have the high end bathroom scale. The advanced bathroom scales would not only inform you on your weight but would also reveal information on body fat and BMI.

Review of the latest Windows phone by Nokia

nokia window phoneNokia is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones. The company has recently launched phones having a windows operating system. The company has come up with a new inclusion in its series of windows phone that is known as the LUMIA 520. This is a windows phone that suits the pocket of a person with a limited budget. The phone uses a windows 8 operating system and has many unique features. This latest version of the phone has a 1 GHz dual core processor which gives high speed processing.

The phone also comes with a lifetime free voice navigation application. The phone is known to be a piece of delight for the game lovers as it has integrated Xbox gaming system. The phone has a 4” LED screen that provides hig resolution display and a 5 megapixel camera which allows you to capture the sweet moments in high resolution. The phone with so many features comes up with a very competitive pricing and thus this phone is sure to make a good success in the market.

Introduction to waterproof Bluetooth headset

waterproof Bluetooth headsetBluetooth headset has now become very much popular among the cell phone users. It helps you to talk to someone without the need to holding the phone constantly in your hand. You can answer a phone call even when your both hands are occupied or when you are driving.

Without a Bluetooth headset, many times it happens that you can’t answer a very important call simply because you are driving or you are busy in some work and your both hands are occupied. Now it can happen that you have got a Bluetooth headset and while walking talking on the Bluetooth headset, it starts raining. What will you do in such a situation? To protect the headset under such situation, the waterproof Bluetooth headset came in to being. Even very little amount of water can cause damage to the Bluetooth circuit of your headset thereby leading to damage.

Waterproof Bluetooth headset comes with a sheath of covering that protects the whole device from coming in contact with the water. Also the circuit is protected from water and it is ensured that there is no leakage in the device that may lead to the seepage of water.



Top 2 Android Gadgets for Students

Android Gadgets, student gadgetsAndroid operating system is a very useful and beneficial operating system which is mostly used in mostly smart phones. As a student, one needs to stay updated with the latest technological advancements in the field of education because every student needs to be tech savvy these days. Many education based apps and programs help students get information and help regarding their studies which can be used by students from any place they want.

To have access to Android based applications, files and programs, you need to have the right kind of device. If you want to be able to access it from anywhere at any time, its best that you get a gadget which you can carry around with ease and is user friendly. The first choice would be n Android based Smartphone. Most companies have their own Android Smartphone. Depending upon the kind of requirements and budget you have choose a phone. If you don’t want a Smartphone, you can always go for Android based tablets.

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