Top 5 Devices that You can pair with your Bluetooth Ear Bud

Bluetooth Ear Bud, Bluetooth Ear Bud devicesBluetooth earphones have become a must have for gadget lovers. This is because with them, you get to enjoy hassle free (read wireless) music anywhere. Bluetooth ear buds bring the quality factor into your song play.

Bluetooth ear buds can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device by following a simple pairing procedure which is elementary enough for the layman. Top 5 devices that are in vogue for Bluetooth pairing these days can be named as:

•           iPhones or  smartphones those come with various operating systems as windows, android or standard iPhone software.

•           Video gaming consoles work extremely well with these earphones as it gives you the feel enhanced to a greater quality.

•           Laptops, netbooks or notebooks.

•           You can pair your iPad or tablet now and enjoy music anytime anywhere.

•           Home stereo systems also provide Bluetooth connectivity but it won’t serve your purpose much when you already have the speakers working.

An I pod in your shoe

Have you ever thought of getting your workout recorded by your iPod?? Well now it is possible. Everyone knows that our iPods reacts to flips and respond to the games we are playing. This is done with the help of an accelerometer. The accelerometer is a very important part of the iPod. It makes use of electric current, silicon mass and silicon springs.

When these elements are put together, the gaming experience is simply awesome. The working of these elements go as such, fluctuation in the electric currents is caused by the measurement of the position of the silicon mass by the spring. When there is a variation in the current the LCD screen receives a different signal. This then sends a signal to the iPod to adjust the game.

This technology is what is used in the Nike- iPod. It helps one keep track of the workout done and receive updates on the distance covered, calories burnt and so on.

miFlower Animated MP3 Speaker & Clock

If somebody does not remain satisfied with ordinary things of life and always searches for extraordinary or unique type of materials then possessing the gadget like miFlower Animated MP3 Speaker & Clock may satisfy his or her needs. This gadget found in the shape of a colorful flower that never needs water for its existence, when placed in a room, will not remain stationery being unnoticed by the others. On the contrary, it will start singing music when linked with a music player or an iPod.

The above miFlower fun device can be operated with the help of 4AAA batteries or button cell batteries like 3 AG13 1.5 V. The main feature that makes it extraordinary is its sensitiveness for motion. If anybody wants to stop, its functioning then one has to send a wave through remote control. The gadget also contains LCD face having many types of happy expressions.

Miniature Amp iPod Speaker

Miniature Amp iPod Speaker is an audio gadget that can serve as a perfect gift for a friend of yours who has a passion for playing the guitar or for someone who wishes to become a rock star some day. There is no alternative to an amp iPod speaker in the form of a real guitar. Moreover, if an economic price and smooth looks are considered then things seem to interesting to other consumers as well besides guitarists.

The Miniature Amp iPod Speaker sports an absolute no-nonsense 5-Watt power section that simply makes other mini-speakers that appear quite absurd and fragile. In addition, the full-range driver receives appreciation. The audio gadget is bound to deliver a forceful, thick, and excellent sound in the comfort of your room. Another unique feature of this iPod speaker system is a 2-band EQ that enables you to shape the sonic response just as you prefer and thereby get the best from your preferred tracks.

iPod Sport Kit

The iPod sport kit jointly produced by Nike and Apple is an excellent workout companion for runners using nano technologies. It provides voice feedback; evaluates helpful data like the distance traveled and the amount of calories burned. You will not require a special shoe by the Nike+. The hardware is of very fine and its process of data integration is of first rate.

The only disadvantage of the iPod sport kit is that it has a pedometer battery. The pedometer battery cannot be replaced so in due course of time; you will require buying a new Sport Kit that is only suitable for iPod Nano.

When the launch of the iPod Sport Kit was declared almost everyone was highly excited. They also had doubts about its success and some became very critical about the technically advanced fitness system of the iPod. In this gadget, a Nike shoe wirelessly communicates with an iPod Nano.

GrooveJets Earphones for iPods and MP3 Players

With increasing number of highly advanced portable devices being manufactured over the years, which make use headphones, we have umpteen choices when we need to select decent earphones that fit into our budgets.

If you are looking for some earphones for iPods or MP3 players that have distinguished performance rate then you can simply have a blast with the GrooveJets ear buds. With these great performing ear buds, you will be transported to a different world. You will be able to discover that music has never been so fascinating. A continuous playing of the powerful bass and unique treble is evenly distributed by the snugly fitted silicon adaptors. The comfort level of these GrooveJets earphones is also very high. The design is well appreciated because a user does not face any problem in plugging the ear buds into his ear. These ear buds are engineered with the technology of sound isolation. Thus, a true response to the bass, a noise isolation technology is bound to create a mind-blowing experience.

iPod Nano Tie

Sometimes, a man who has a respectable job wishes to dress casually so that he could carry the iPod to the office and remove his boredom by listening to his favorite songs. Well, for some men who seem to have everything else except a job that allows him to sport casual dress code for carrying the iPod, a new tie has been launched.

The tie has a pocket that remains hidden at the back of the tie. The size of the pockets is just perfect for storing an iPod nano, and there is an extra loop that is meant for keeping the headphones such that the wires are not tangled. However, it must be mentioned that the wires will be a bit stuck anyhow, as because the jack for the headphone on the nano is placed at the bottom. The product will not find ample customers because it is meant for those who needs to wear a tie and not for those who spend their days in pajamas.

Philips SA 2825

Philips has launched an eminent audio gadget in Philips SA2825. This GoGear variety is moderately priced and gives you the double delight of listening to an MP3 player and FM radio. Its station adaptability is superb. However, its sound quality has something to be answered about.

It is quite small in shape and thus extremely portable. Its voice recorder is also well-functioning. However, it misses subscription support and that is a big drawback in music. Its screen is unclear and reflective annoying its loyal users. However, the users dig its sleek, small and smart design and user friendly nature.

Even if experts have not given it an A+, this gadget should make its mark among musical middle class. Its price is a great factor and Philips’ full sound technology is not altogether absent. Philips plans to respond to MP3 players launched by other bigwigs with this instrument. It appears as a jewel from far off.

Cowon J3 – 8GB

Cowon is one of the leaders in audio market. Its J3 – 8GB is a classic instrument that adapts easily to MP3, WAV and even FLAC. Its external flash memory can be upgraded with microSD slots.

It has a high speed USB portal wherein you may connect with Internet and download songs. Once its charged, it stays alive for 3 hours of continuous playing. Even its USB remains active for 3 hours.

It has a 3.3 inch AMOLED display for backlight at night. It is quite easy to use even for starters. You merely need to connect it through your portal and the interface will lead you to other things.

You get continuous playback f about 64 hours and that is brilliant news for traveling fellows. This instrument comes with internal flash of 16 and 32 GB too. However this version comes at $194.94 and serves all purposes for compulsive music listeners.

History of the iPod

nullApple computers openly announced ‘the iPod’, the portable digital music player, on the 23rd of October, 2001. Prior to the introduction of the iPod, Apple introduced iTunes which performed the task of converting audio CDs into digital audio files in a compressed form, and was also capable of organizing digital music collection. History of the iPod can be traced back to the codename Dulcimer project.

Tony Fadell, General Magic and Philips’ former employee, is accepted as the father of iPod by many. This man becomes a non-detachable part of history of the iPod because he was the one who was committed towards creation of a better MP3 player. Following his passion, in 2001, he went as an independent contractor and started working for Apple Computers. Leading a team of just thirty people, this great man went on to develop the MP3 player of his liking, the iPod.

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