Laser TV versus OLED TV

nullLaser TV uses a very high-end technology that empowers it with producing very high image quality than LCD screens. Consider these points:

Laser TV displays a wide range of colors but OLED TV is capable to display only limited range of colors.
The projection technology in Laser TV is very high quality that is absent in OLED TV.
A very high standard of picture quality is maintained all through the life of the Laser TV but this is not true with HDTV technology.

Laser TV also uses very les power when compared to the technology used in the HDTV.

There is a belief that viewing Laser TV that might affect the eye. However this might be corrected by using special filters in the TV technology to undo its ill effects. Laser technology is yet to be developed to the maximum is also highly priced. This is where the OLED seem to have captured the market.