Top 5 Must Have Android Apps

Android appsOne of the major benefits of using android device is that you can have as many apps as you can and that too very easily. There are several apps which is very useful for android and it must be there if you are using android device. You might not be aware of such apps if you are not using android device previously. Thus to guide you and let you know about the must have android apps here is a small article which will help you while you are using your android device.

  • ES file explorer

ES explorer is something which you would expect from a file explorer, in fact it is not something it is almost everything which you have an expectation from file manager. ES explorer enables you to copy, paste, rename or delete any of the files you want and have in your android device. Through this app you are allowed to select multiple files at just one time just like you do in your PC and your MAC. Isn’t this great? You will definitely want to have this facility of selecting and copying or deleting multiple files at one time. Through this app you are also enables to compress any files to gz or zip format. One of the best features of this must have android app ES explorer is to have the ability to be connected to network shares. This indicates that you can connect to any shared folder on your LAN and you are enabled to transfer the files from or to your android device. The user interface of this app is really quick, simple and easy to use. Hence this one of the must have android apps.

  • Go SMS pro

This app is one of the ultimate messaging app for all the android devices and users. There is a really useful setting given in this app which gives you a pop of your incoming message. Users of this app can directly delete or respond the message from the window only. Thus app is must have android app as it also supports marking, deleting or having the backup of all messages in bulk. This must have android apps is highly customizable as you can change anything from the text color to the background color, SMS tone for any specific contact or even you can have an y theme for SMS application.

  • Dolphin HD browser

Dolphin HD browser is probably a professional mobile browser which is presented by Mob tap Inc. Dolphin HD browser is one of the most advanced and customizable web browser and you would definitely love to have it in your android device. You can browse any data or any information with the highest sped and great efficiency and thus it is in the list of must have android apps. The main browsing screen of this app is very much and uncluttered and thus it is one of the must have android apps.

What are the Features of Using WhatsApp

features of using whatsappWe all love and want to use the upgrading versions of technology which we can get in today’s time. Many technologies have made our life easier and very much comfortable because it is considered to be having all sorts of things which makes our work even better and more useful. You can now access anything sitting at your home with the help of these technologies which have been introduced in the market. Well amongst all these technologies one which is being most used is the whatsaap. Yes, we all know how to use whatsapp but let me tell you there are certain things and features of using whatsaap which you might have noticed for.

Well, there are many features of using whatsapp which you can go for exercising in your phone. You know it is well said that it is better of having all knowledge than of having half one right? Let me help you out with some of the examples which you can go for the features of using whatsapp in your phone like using bold, italic and underlining of the sentences, you can go for sending of PDF files to another contact, etc. and many more of such features of using wahtaspp which you can go for at the time of installing it to use it.

What are the features of using whatsapp

  • Sending PDF documents to your contacts

Well, firstly this feature was not being added but as the update has been taken place, you can now send your PDF document to your other contact within fractions of time. This will help the user in not going for the long process of dealing with your mails but you can go for directly sending it to your fellow user but one thing which you need to take in to account is, the contact to which you want to share the PDF document must also comprise of the latest version of whatsapp.

  • Saving data

Many times we observe that our phone takes more of the space and how much we delete does not affect the memory of our phone. The reason behind this thing is the storage or the saving of data which is done by whatsapp. The data which you get through wahtassp gets stored up automatically and this create more of your storage issue. In your settings you have the option of offing the income data to save and this will help you in retaining the perfect amount of storage to use your home.

  • 3d touch whataspp

Well, most of the people in today’s time is using iPhones right? From those who have the latest version of iPhone have the option of using 3D touch of whatsapp. It can be considered to be on of the feature of using whatsapp in your phone. You can directly access the messages from the parent screen which will help you in not opening the app and just replying your contact directly from the home screen. Isn’t it amazing to hear up that right?






Some Popular Android Apps

Android AppsNew Android apps have been launched last week. You can download most of them from Google Play. Android operating system is faster and dynamic. This Android OS is applicable to Java and Linux system as well.

Top Android Apps with New Features

One of the latest Android Apps is the Chromocast. This innovate application will help you turning the basic snapshot/ video clip and image to the height of HDTV. So enjoy the online photo session with your friends. Another popular Android application is Callheads to notify you without covering the large screen. That means, you will be informed of the incoming call without displaying the large screenshot. The micro icon will pop up on the screen to notify you about incoming call. Taskbar is an ultra-modern Android application to make the home screen to look like a windows 8 portal. If you are a home designer, you can use your smart phone for drawing images. Home-style is the recent application released by Google Play. It will enable you to have screenshots of the homes. You can do modification and editing on the digital screenshot. If you require more light for brightness of the digital screen, use Flash touch feature. You will be able to adjust the color contrast of the pictures. You will have liberty for switching on/off the Wi-Fi interface.

Paying the minimal charges, you can easily install fantastic Android apps tools into your smart phones. You will have many options for downloading large pdf files and images. Your smart phone is your evergreen friend. You can do video chatting and play games online. The application procedures are very simple. However, even you can get training from experts. Go to the social networking sites to have nice conversations with your friends. Surely they will assist you in the case of application of sophisticated Android OS to upgrade the handset.

Catching Your Prank Caller Red-Handed

Prank CallerThe number of prank callers has been increasing these days. You might be receiving prank calls from some unknown number. The prank caller might just be your friend who is trying to have some fun. But at times it might turn out that the prank caller is not your friend but some person who is looking for ways to harass you. He/she might be a dangerous person and create problems in your otherwise peaceful life. Thus you have to trace the location of the person and try to find out who is disturbing you in such a manner.

Reverse phone look up is a way in which you can get to know about the identity of the prank caller immediately. But then this service is a little complicated and hard to understand. So you can utilize the public directories to get information about the person who has been harassing you by calling you again and again. However, the public directories will be useful only if the number is a landline phone number because mobile phone numbers are not registered with the directories.

There are many online websites that can help you catch your prank caller free of any cost. Although a majority of them charge a fee for their services. So you can use them to get details about your prankster but then most of the time the online databases are not updated and cause more problems than solving your present one.
Mobile phone applications have become a rage among the people today. There are many applications that help identify unknown numbers and their locations appropriately and conveniently. You just have to download one of them on your mobile phone and register your number on it.

Out of all the above mentioned ways, the mobile phone applications are the most effective in helping to catch the prankster.

Tips to select the best IT support company online

IT support company onlineAre you on the lookout of the best IT support company? Well, almost every office runs on computer these days and hence the entrepreneurs need to stay in touch with a reliable tech support firm beforehand so that they don’t look for a new one in troubled times. Here is a brief on how to select the best IT support company online.

You must proceed with a comparative study on 5-6 potential tech support company websites. You have to go through their customer testimonials, ratings as well as all the other significant features for a good comparison. Your bet would be on a highly recognized one backed by years of experience and a good list of satisfied clientele. The reputed and seasoned companies are usually worthy to rely on.

Your chosen tech support company should be backed by a strong team of highly qualified and dynamic technicians with huge knowledge and expertise on solving a wide variety of IT problems. Moreover, the company should be known for a prompt response.

Advantages of CAT6 cables

CAT6 cablesCAT 6 cables are yet again advancement in networking hardware. These twisted wire copper cables is very unlike the earlier CAT5e cables and offer a speed which is around a time more than the earlier architecture. In CAT6 all four pairs of copper wires in the cable are used unlike the wire usage in CAT5 and CAT5e.

CAT6 has granted an ability to acquire speeds of up to 1gigabit per second which is again topped by cables of CAT6a category that can max out at a speed of 10 gigabits per second. CAT6 can give great communication speeds but fail to give optimal performance over a distance of more than 100 meters. Here the CAT5 cables are at an advantage. CAT6 is used for high end networking applications and are pretty much capable of taking the load but in places with incapable hardware it fails to make a mark altogether.

Benefits of hiring an IT support company

IT support companyWith the development of the IT industry, every business is now opting for the service support provided by the IT Company to keep them updated and to make their businesses prosperous. You can also look after the services on your own, but if some problem occurs it become quite difficult to locate the where the problem has actually occurred and how it can solved. To make this easier, people now hire IT Support Company. There are many benefits of hiring such a support company.

Outsourcing companies provide IT services enabling your business to get the specialized skills and knowledge. You can’t grow in this competitive market if you lack in sufficient expertise in your field. The efficiency of your business will also be increased to a much higher level if you use an IT support service. The Support company will incorporate the best procedures for the swift implementation of your business.

Client and customer satisfaction is a very big thing in the business world and that can be achieved very easily if you have hired an IT support company to use the most upgraded procedures.

Top 3 features of Google voice

telecommunication services , Google voiceThe advent of Google Voice along with its host of features has raised a lot of questions regarding the existence and sustainability of the many small companies or organizations offering telephonic solutions. Moreover these small companies do charge for their services, whereas Google voice is completely free of cost.

Google voice has many features which are proved to be helpful for the present day business organization and institution. Of the many features available with Google Voice, few are mentioned out here. Call recording is probably the most talked about and used feature in Google voice. You can record your calls in Google Voice. The recorded call can help you in future to make some deal and also act as evidence in case you are in some problem.

Long Distance calling is possible with Google Voice without much hassle. You don’t have to worry about the distance or the place you want to make the call. Since Google Voice is based on internet connectivity, any person having access to the internet can be called using Google Voice.
Voice Mail Transcription is the one of the most controversial and talked about features. In spite many questions against this features, it is still being used.

How to set up an account in Pinterest?

Account in Pinterest, PinterestIf you want to set up an account on Pinterest, then here is a list of things that you need to follow:

• If you want to be a part of Pinterest then you need to be invited. You can get an invitation from either a current user and in case you know no one, you can apply for an invite to the website. Once you get the invite, you just need to click on the given link.
• One needs to sign up then with the help of Facebook or twitter. If you are looking forward to enhance your business via pinterest then it is always a good idea to connect via twitter.
• The third thing that you need to do is come up with a proper user name and following for you account. This will help you attract the right kind of customers for your business site.

An Introduction to Google Voice

telecommunication services , Google  voiceIf you are aware and in sync with the changes and developments which take place in the online world, then you must have heard about Google’s new feature called Google Voice. Google Voice was launched in the year 2009 in March and it was called GrandCentral at that time. But with change in times, some other changes have also been brought about and now with new features and facilities, GrandCentral is now called Google Voice.

The whole system of Google Voice is based and operated on the basis of Gmail itself and its user friendly easy to handle and simple to understand. It is basically and online telecommunications service which has about a million users till date. Outbound, domestic, local and international calls can be made with Google Voice and clarity and easy access are the main impressive features which are seen here at Google Voice. There are many advantages of Google Voice and the only downside is that you can’t make emergency calls through the Google Voice.

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