What are the Features of Using WhatsApp

features of using whatsappWe all love and want to use the upgrading versions of technology which we can get in today’s time. Many technologies have made our life easier and very much comfortable because it is considered to be having all sorts of things which makes our work even better and more useful. You can now access anything sitting at your home with the help of these technologies which have been introduced in the market. Well amongst all these technologies one which is being most used is the whatsaap. Yes, we all know how to use whatsapp but let me tell you there are certain things and features of using whatsaap which you might have noticed for.

Well, there are many features of using whatsapp which you can go for exercising in your phone. You know it is well said that it is better of having all knowledge than of having half one right? Let me help you out with some of the examples which you can go for the features of using whatsapp in your phone like using bold, italic and underlining of the sentences, you can go for sending of PDF files to another contact, etc. and many more of such features of using wahtaspp which you can go for at the time of installing it to use it.

What are the features of using whatsapp

  • Sending PDF documents to your contacts

Well, firstly this feature was not being added but as the update has been taken place, you can now send your PDF document to your other contact within fractions of time. This will help the user in not going for the long process of dealing with your mails but you can go for directly sending it to your fellow user but one thing which you need to take in to account is, the contact to which you want to share the PDF document must also comprise of the latest version of whatsapp.

  • Saving data

Many times we observe that our phone takes more of the space and how much we delete does not affect the memory of our phone. The reason behind this thing is the storage or the saving of data which is done by whatsapp. The data which you get through wahtassp gets stored up automatically and this create more of your storage issue. In your settings you have the option of offing the income data to save and this will help you in retaining the perfect amount of storage to use your home.

  • 3d touch whataspp

Well, most of the people in today’s time is using iPhones right? From those who have the latest version of iPhone have the option of using 3D touch of whatsapp. It can be considered to be on of the feature of using whatsapp in your phone. You can directly access the messages from the parent screen which will help you in not opening the app and just replying your contact directly from the home screen. Isn’t it amazing to hear up that right?






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