Cool Gadgets for the smart damsels

Cool GadgetsIt’s a common myth that gadgets fall under the men’s territory and women simply steer clear of them. But the contemporary gizmo scene is all set to break that myth with its release of a number of cool gadgets especially stylized for the fairer sex. Are you intrigued to delve deeper into the women-friendly gadget roster? Well nice, here comes a list of amazing gadgets that are sure to impress every damsel around.

Clutches are said to be one of the most adored accessories for women and the tech companies and fashion designers have conjured to beget a gizmo style into your usual little purse to make it all the more interesting. It’s to stress here that today you are getting audio clutches that are ready to play your favorite tracks for you while doubling up as your plush designer handbag. You will find a Bluetooth speaker with it that ensures a wire-free handling. Then, you have the smart watches. These smart watches are an able successor of your smartphone in a miniature and don all the vital aspects of your smart handset. The smart watches will show up texts for you as well as email & other notifications. Besides, the smart watch also enables you to use the voice-commands for hands-free tasks.

Then, there are the stylish earphones. If you find the plain earphone plugs dull and a hindrance to your style statement, there are the fashion earphones for you. These earphones carry necklace-like funky attachments which work to glam up your style statement further- sans compromising on the functionality of headphones. Finally, no one can miss out on the good old hair dryer which is one of the most used gadgets among every woman. The latest hair dryers not only dry up your wet mane but also help to smoothen or straighten the lovely tresses.


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