What Is A 3D Printer And Its 3 Advantages

3D printTechnology has reduced the gap between cultures and people. A revolutionizing step in the field of technology is 3D printer. Hailed as an additive manufacturing process it covers a unique field. Some believe that it is bigger even than an internet. Going by the name itself it covers a range of processes with technology. It also uses many kind of materials. It is finding its way through a lot of applications. It aims to remove all the limitations which are associated with a traditional printer. The benefits of 3D printer are as follows:

• Sustainability of the environment – the printer is small and occupies less space. The technology used is efficient in energy. The materials that are used are of standard type. There is less wastage. The design is strong in comparison to the normal printing. Real designs are printed that are made of nylon and other plastic. It reduces the cost of shipping and logistic in a given place. It is also much lighter.

• Customization of the products – mass custom design is what is done by the 3D printer. You can personalize the items according to your demand. Many products can also be manufactured simultaneously. Therefore, it is time effective. The cost of process is not additional. With customization proliferation of a host of services also finds its way in the process of 3D printing. Some designs in the environment of digital medium are not possible hence it creates a visual effect for many.

• It does not require as many tools – manufacturing in the industrial medium reduces the cost and time and also labour. For application in volume 3D printer eliminates the tool production. It serves as an advantage medium for the manufacturers. There is no need of labour to assemble the complexity of the tool.

The major component used by the 3D printer is prototyping. In the sector of medical the printing means of 3D first found its place. In the dental industry too it finds its application. With constant support and linkage with the R&D the industry of aerospace also found its new way of printing. Similarly in the automotive industry and jewellery 3D printing is done. The discipline is from fine arts and artists and sculptors find their best example in the form of a layer by layer process. Today in fashion and food industry works in conjunction with architectural designs and implements. The field is thus, all encompassing. They are cheap in the case of handling it but not in terms of cost. They are also not as accurate as the traditional printers. ‘If you can draw it, you can make it’, is a saying used in the 3D printing. There are many items which you can make by 3D printers.

NASA is planning to launch its first ever 3D printer in space this month. It will be revolutionizing step on their part and an achievement for the animation industry as it is used largely in the industry of animation. Testing below the low orbit of the earth is going on.


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